The Cascade

The Cascade Wall Panels

The Cascade Water Feature is a very popular addition to any pool in our range. This waterfall feature is not only beautiful, but also clean and sophisticated.


Option Details
Option 1 2' silk flow
Option 2 3' silk flow
Option 3 4' silk flow
Option 4 2' silk flow and 2 x 12" silk flow
Option 5 3' silk flow and 2 x 12" silk flow

Leisure Pools recognises that every customer is different. With each Leisure Pools water feature you are able to customise it with various water flow options.

Installed in each Leisure Pools Water Feature is a sheer descent that controls the flow of water to create a stunning envelope of water effect. Each Leisure Pools Water Feature comes standard with a 600mm long sheer descent. You can however customise both the size and number of sheer descents for each water feature. Below are the various combinations of sheer descents that are available.


The newest addition to the water feature range features a flowing curve that would look spectacular alongside any of our pools but in particular the Moroccan range.

While this is a compact size Water Feature, it still provides the beauty and serenity you expect from any custom water feature.

Width Height Depth
8' 4' 3" 2'


The Leisure Pools Water Feature is available in a range of colors including Ivory, Dessert and Basalt. Each of these colors are a rough texture finish providing a rendered look.

Alternatively, in order to really customise your water feature to suit your landscape many customers will have the Water Feature finished in a variety of products from mosaic tiles, stack stone cladding to tiles. All of these finishes can be adhered onto the Water Feature providing a beautiful finish to the swimming pool landscape.